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When in Doubt, Ask @LarryCoon

July 30, 2010

Larry Coon knows everything about the NBA CBA. Everything. He writes for,,, and He has also been known to rock a wicked mustache from time to time. I believe now is regrettably NOT one of those times, but every stock photo ESPN has of him says otherwise.

And for some benevolent reason, he’s decided to make himself accessible to us miscreants on Twitter. He answers questions right and left. Even the questions he’s answered over and over again.

“What are Bird Rights?”

“How do teams use Trade Exceptions?”

“Don’t you think Luke Ridnour is as good as Kobe, thus why wouldn’t LA do that trade?”

And so on.

I’ve asked him questions from time to time, most recently today. Usually his answers are very informative, and today was no different. However, today’s answer was depressing (to a Cavs fan) as well. Here is our exchange (Larry’s answer is condensed from 4 tweets into 1):

@azv321: What’s the best move the Cavs can make with their TPE? Package it with Jamison at deadline for picks, youth, and $$?

@LarryCoon: The problem with a big trade exception is that it’s mainly useful just to bring in a big salary–a salary another team wants to get rid of, at that. A team that needs to blow it up & rebuild (which the Cavs need to do) don’t want to acquire salary that another teams wants to get rid of. Maybe use it to bring in couple smaller contracts, but I don’t think the Trade Exception will fix all their problems.

Looking gloomy in Cavalier Nation, folks. Not horribly gloomy. Probably average cloudy day in Cleveland gloomy. Let’s see how the management plays this one.

As always, thanks Larry!

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