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Quick Thought on LeBron & Cavs

June 24, 2010

Forget about the draft. Forget about top tier free agents. Forget about #thewinnergetsjoejohnson. I think I know how the Cavs can make a splash this summer and vie to keep LeBron.

This is a half-joking idea (OK, like 99% joking, but it really could work), but if the Cavs really wanted the “edge” to keep LeBron, shouldn’t Dan Gilbert give contracts to LeBron’s SVSM teammates? Not just summer league spots, like the Cavs have already done in the past. But actual roster spots. They can be spots 12-15 on the roster and used during garbage time; coaches don’t usually go past 10 during a game unless there’s an injury, anyway (fingers crossed). But LeBron can play with them during practice and dream about days of yore. They’re his favorite teammates of all time, and since he’s so loyal to them specifically, he’d have to stay, right?

Marc Berman of the NY Post alluded to this idea for the Knicks a while back, but he implied that the Knicks could actually use LeBron’s old teammate (Joyce, specifically) for PG depth.

OK, so what are all the teammates doing now? Let’s see:

Dru Joyce III: According to  Brendan at Stepien Rules, he’s playing for a Polish squad in the Euroleague.

Sian Cotton: Well, he entered the 2010 NFL draft and didn’t get selected. According to his ESPN NFL draft profile, he’s about 6’4″ and 317 pounds. Not exactly in NBA shape, but if you think about it, that’s roughly how big Charles Barkley is, and he is one of the best power forwards of all time.

Romeo Travis: He’s currently playing in Germany, and he’s not too shabby over there either. According to, these are his stats from last season:

34 31.3 14.4 51.4% 39.6% 73% 2.3 4.2 6.5 1.7 2.6 0.4 1.1

Will McGee: He’s currently a Graduate Assistant coach for the Akron Zips basketball team.  Maybe the Cavs could just add him to the coaching staff, and free up another roster spot.

Think about it, Gilbert.

More Than a Free Agent

Look how happy they are together...

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