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Breaking the Silence

May 14, 2010

Well that was quick. Not painless, though. For anyone who reads this blog and knows me, they know I’m from Cleveland, that I like the NBA, and that those two factors combine into my love of the Cleveland Cavaliers. So it was not a ton of fun watching my team get dismantled by the Celtics.

The Celtics definitely earned the series. No doubt about that. But last year, the Cavs built themselves up to take on the Celtics in the playoffs, only to lose to the Magic. This year…. well, yeah, you know what happened. I think more devastating than the loss, than the disorientation of another championship-less season, more disorienting than the potential loss of a once-in-a-lifetime franchise superstar, is the fact that all parts of the team that we all thought were solid were, in fact, not.

We thought we had a good coach. “Well,” we should rationalize, “he’s not a great all-around coach. But he’s a great defensive-minded coach. And he can’t make great in-game adjustments. But game-t0-game, he knows what he’s doing.”

We thought we added the right pieces. “This is a deep team. And Jamison is the stretch-4 we need. We can’t get rid of Hickson, because he gives us flexibility down the road. Shaq may be old, but he’s a great defender in the paint. We have a lot of long wing players, because that’s what we’ll need to defend other longer wing players.”

We have these facades, but we also have questions. What is the nature of LeBron’s relationship with the Cavs’ fans? What’s the nature of the fans’ relationship with LeBron? What is this team going to look like next year? If LeBron walks, does the Cavaliers franchise have any hope of fighting through that inevitable malaise and making anything of itself next year (good thing those season tickets got re-upped, right?)? Will it be through Free Agency, or will Cleveland get a bone thrown at it (not unlike the Thugs ‘N Harmony variety) and get some assets back in a sign&trade.

Lots of unknowns. Lots of speculation. Where do we go from here, indeed?

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